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Authentic Eyelash growth serum ! Guaranteed eyelash/ eyebrow growth results in short time! For a fraction of the cost of Latisse you may now enjoy long sexy eyelashes and filled luscious brows you always dreamed about.

Results so dramatic, everyone will notice!

Guaranteed 2-4mm of growth in first 3-5 weeks. Use for full 6-8 weeks to experience 3-10+ mm of eyelash growth.

Our Products

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Eyelash Growth Serum That Really Works

Have you been looking for a lash serum that REALLY WORKS? Buy Careprost – a revolutionary solution that stimulates eyelash growth making them long and voluminous in just a few weeks!

Long black full eyelashes are the goal of every woman who wants to look her best. Did you know that there is now a better option then getting eyelash extensions or trying to find the perfect mascara?Despite being a quick fix, there are a lot of drawback to getting lash extensions. False lashes could cause a lot of discomfort , look unnatural, not mentioning that they might fall off at the most inappropriate moment. Mascara cannot make lashes much longer, especially when user’s own hairs are short and damaged.

What is the way out? The best method to boost eyelash volume is to make them grow. How?

This is where eyelash serums come in handy. Although such treatment takes time ( 2-6 months for full effect), the results are long-lasting and exceed all expectations. Naturally long and strong eyelashes are always better!

How to grow long eyelashes?

Careprost eyelash serum is an innovative solution that provides visible lash growth improvement in a very short time. Made of active growth boosting components, it penetrates deeply into eyelash roots. In 2-4 weeks of use, you will notice considerable improvements in length, volume and growth of new lashes.
What’s the secret behind Careprost eyelash growth? The product has an effective formula that saturates roots with enzymes stimulating the growth of eyelashes. Ingredients are collected in follicle cells, which ensures long-lasting effect. Within 1-2 month of use there will be dramatic visible growth results.

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What makes Careprost the best product for lash growth?


Provides visible results within 2-4 weeks opposed to several months


How to apply Careprost? Use the applicator to distribute a drop of serum over lash roots and leave overnight. That’s all!


The effects of our lash growth serum are long-lasting. Users enjoy length and volume for at least several months.


It’s cheaper then most other brands on the market

Buy Careprost online Now from longlashes.us